Preserved and approved timber

Treatment that protects against almost everything

Through our long and close cooperation with Ingarps Träskydd, we can also offer our customers the fire retardant treated building materials required when constructing buildings more than three floors in height. Our fire retardant products meet the certification requirements Bs1d0 and Bs2d0.

Pressure treated

We also offer four different classifications of pressure treated timber, the two most common of which are NTR A and NTR AB.

NTR A is used when the timber is in contact with soil and fresh water. NTR AB covers wood products used above ground and exposed to weather, wind and moisture.

Our collaboration with Ingarps Träskydd guarantees you the right quality of timber and safe deliveries.

Exterior cladding to the Faroe Islands

Among other things, we supply treated exterior cladding to the Faroe Islands that makes up a significant portion of the country’s timber imports. Given the climatic conditions on the islands, their decision to use our products is a real vote of confidence!
More information about timber preservation can be found at

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