About us

Sawmills in the long term – into the future

I grew up at the sawmill in Ingarp

– It was once my playground and is now my workplace. The Ingarps Trävaror company was started by my father and uncle as an evolution of my grandfather’s ambulatory saw. That’s why a long-term perspective is our guiding principle. Everything we do should last for the long term. That goes for investments, our personnel policy, and how we relate to you as a supplier or customer. We’re big on details. That’s what makes us Ingarp.

With supply and demand in mind

All our suppliers are just the right size, and none of our customers are too small. Ingarp has been around for a long time, precisely because we have survived the ups and downs of the business cycle. That’s why we care a lot about our long-term relationships with all the landowners who deliver their raw material to us – often generation after generation. The same applies to our timber customers, where we constantly increase our refinement to meet each order. We know that our great flexibility and ability to mix deliveries is highly valued by our customers – and we’re proud of that.

Sawing responsibly

We work with a raw material that is valuable for the climate. Growing forests bind carbon dioxide and wood-based products continue to store carbon dioxide throughout their lifespan. This means that the use of wood in products and for construction is both economically and environmentally smart. We saw for the whole world and responsibly refine the Swedish forest for the benefit of all life on earth.

Honest - Professional - Flexible - Sustainable

Honest, professional, flexible and sustainable are our value words. These four words form the core of our business and permeate everything we do, whether it’s marketing or new aspects of our operations. The value words always help us to stay the course and to work with a long-term approach that we can stand for.

Welcome to Ingarp – the company that takes a long-term approach!

Nicklas Gerhardsson

CEO, Ingarps Trävaror AB

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