We offer a wide range of forest services!

Because the forest owners who supply the raw material to our sawmill are important to us, we also want their forest properties to have a good value in the market. That’s why we offer services such as soil preparation, planting, clearing and thinning. But we also help build new forest roads and turning areas or lay gravel on existing ones. A forest management plan makes it easier to manage the forest, which of course we also help to develop.

More lucrative than pulpwood

In order for the forest owner to get the most out of her/his forest, we pay timber prices all the way down to ten centimetres from the top of the log. This means that the value of the tree will be higher compared to selling it as pulpwood. That’s a win for the forest owner, as well as a win for us.

Environmental certification increases value

Many of our customers demand that we supply them with environmentally certified timber. It goes without saying that we’re environmentally certified and apply the rules for environmentally friendly forestry according to the certification rules for both PEFC and FSC®. These eco-labels are also adapted to private forestry, thus promoting a good balance between forest products, environmental protection and social interests.

As a forest owner, we would like you to be environmentally certified, too. This will increase the value of your forest property. All you need to do is to draw up an agreement with us that says that a certain part of your productive land should be set aside for conservation. Certification requires a green forest management plan. Naturally, we’ll be happy to help with all the practicalities.

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