With a sense and an eye for forests

With the right sense, nature and forests are spared

As part of our full-service approach, we have several thinning teams consisting of knowledgeable employees with the right sense for forests and nature. With their strip road harvesters, they can handle everything from the first thinning to the last one. We have chosen to only have single shifts because this makes the work during the day shifts more efficient and qualitatively better.

Strip roads where bearing capacity is best

The Thinning Act shows great consideration for nature conservation, key habitats and antiquities. Strip roads are carefully planned with the aim of sparing the ground from damage. The thinning team lays the strip roads where the ground has the best bearing capacity and where it is possible to lay rice as a protect in the areas where the harvester will be driven.

Our thinning teams have lengthy and broad experience from working in the forest. But of course new methods are constantly emerging, and staff members undergo continuous training in nature conservation and adaptation.

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