Complete line of products and a broad basic range

Ingarps Trävaror is truly a flexible sawmill that can handle both large and small deliveries. In addition to sawn timber much of our output involves processed products. About 90 per cent of production involves orders for highly processed goods – tailored completely to our customers’ needs and planned for a variety of end products.
We are always sensitive to our customers, ensuring that we as far as possible accommodate their orders and requests for custom design and logistics – even where small volumes are concerned.
Everyone at Ingarps Trävaror constantly focuses on customisation with high flexibility and reliable deliveries.
Our sawmill has an extremely wideranging and complete line of products. Our ability and focus on flexible production is one of our true strengths. Another is our differentiated deliveries with many mixed products such as profiles, planks, boards and strips. And everything is tailored to your needs.

Greater processing and finishing

Through our close, long-term collaboration with neighbouring company Ingarps
Träskydd, we can offer treated wood products – from traditional pressuretreated
and fire-retardant treated timber to primed and painted exterior panel.
For our customers in house manufacturing we process the timber through for example, housing recessing or dovetail jointing of planks, as well as planks sawn on the diagonal or obliquely – all cut to length. These special products go directly into the customers’ own assembly lines without any further adjustment.
Our offering goes from traditional processing to extensive finishing – many times part way into the customer’s end product.

Processed and finished wood products

• Planing
• Finger jointing
• Stress grading
• Cut to length
• Splitting
• Bundling
• Pressure treated
• Painting
• End jointing
• Housing recessing/Dovetail jointing
• Diagonal and oblique sawing

The production planning group consists of Martin Lindström, Åke Ragnarsson, Per-Arne Magnusson, Dan Karlsson, Peter Gustafsson, Andreas Nyrén, and Ulf Johannesson.

Ingarps Trävaror AB

Ingarp 31, 575 95 Eksjö

Tel: 0381-405 00

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