With a feel and an eye for the forest

Ingarps Trävaror has access to several thinning teams with harvesters and forwarders as a key component in the full service provided to you as our supplier. And most essential for working independently in the forest are the talented and responsible drivers who really know their craft. Ingarps Trävaror also believes that these operators should only work a single-shift schedule – the results during the day shift are quite simply superior.

Jan Ek is a harvester operator with almost 15 years of experience. He works full-time with his thinner on assignments for Ingarps Trävaror. He can handle anything from first to last thinning with his harvester on the strip road. The crane reaches about ten metres in among the trees, and it’s important to plan the road network right during the first thinning to reach the trees optimally and reduce the manual intermediate zone felling.

When Jan gets the map with the area marked on it, he goes there to become familiar with the location. He naturally takes into account conservation of natural resources and wind direction, as well as any key habitats and ancient monuments. He plans the entire thinning assignment in detail and ensures that it is done right. Consequently even here, a long-term approach, which Ingarps Trävaror strives to achieve throughout its operations, is extremely important.

Jan complements his long and extensive experience working in the forest with various courses arranged by the Swedish Forest Agency. Some of the themes have focused on the environment and nature, and most recently he attended a course in thinning for more storm-resistant stock. This is appreciated and well-needed knowledge in the forest after the severe storms of recent years.

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