Services that generate greater growth

Ingarps Trävaror offers all the services that give your forest holding higher value – site preparation, planting, clearing, thinning and even building new roads or adding gravel to old logging roads and turning areas.
We also help to draft a forest management plan, which is a good tool to assist you in your daily work of planning and caring for your forest.


Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes.
PEFC, is an ecolabelling programme adapted for private forest management. The aim is to promote economically sound forest management with a good balance between forest products, environmental protection and social interests.

Ingarps Trävaror cuts more timber from your forest

Ingarps Trävaror cuts more timber from your forest. We pay timber price for all your logs, all the way down to ten cm at the top. This naturally gives you a better yield compared with pulpwood. We both benefit from this approach.

Environmentally sound forest management

Ingarps Trävaror is environmentally certified and applies the rules for environmentally sound forest management in accordance with PEFC. All of our subcontractors out in the field are also certified, with training in conservation of nature and the man-made environment as well as in many other areas.
Forest owners can also become environmentally certified. You can increase the competitiveness of your forest and the value of the timber. If you choose to certify your forest you agree to take into account national, cultural and social interests. Some part of the productive land must be earmarked for conservation. Certification is free and requires a green forest management plan.

Ingarps Trävaror AB

Ingarp 31, 575 95 Eksjö

Tel: 0381-405 00

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