Over the long term – and into the future

I grew up at the sawmill in Ingarp
– now I work on the grounds where I once played. The company Ingarps Trävaror, which was founded by my father and my uncle, evolved from my grandfather’s
mobile saw. Backed by this long tradition, we have developed a long-term philosophy. Everything we do is for the long-term: our investments, employee policy and even how we relate to you as our supplier or
customer. Our strength is in the details
– that’s what makes Ingarps Trävaror what it is today.

Supply and demand

All of our suppliers are just the right size, and no customer is too small. At Ingarps Trävaror we’ve been around for a long time, precisely because of our resilience to the ups and downs of the economy. That’s why we nurture our long-term relationships with all the landowners who deliver their raw material to Ingarps Trävaror – in many cases, generation after generation. The same applies to our timber customers, where we continuously increase our processing to meet each order. At Ingarps, we know that our customers value our flexibility and our ability to provide mixed deliveries – and we are proud of this fact.

Welcome to Ingarps Trävaror
– for the long term!

Ingarps Trävaror AB

Ingarp 31, 575 95 Eksjö

Tel: 0381-405 00

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